Definutly plant based vegan why us

1. Fresh

Many packaged products are processed in a way, so that they can stay longer on supermarket's shelves. Our products, however, are not made to have the longest expiration date. So by skipping the unnecessary idle shelf time, we use no preservative and deliver the fresh taste straight from our kitchen.

Definutly plant based vegan why us

2. Nutrition Benefits

Healthy lifestyle is normally busy, but busy lifestyle is not always healthy.
As service provider, we solve the issue by providing options to maximize one's nutrition intake.

Definutly plant based vegan why us

3. Sustainable & Ethical

Subscription program allows us to commit to sustainable supply chain. For recycling beverage product packaging, we use (and reuse) glass container, as well as other materials, such as product tag, to stay as sustainable as we can.


The Nuts Maniacs Behind The Bottles

We first started the plant-based journey in 2016 for ethical and environmental reasons. We are more than happy with the healthy benefits that plant-based food brings along. After our 9-5 job crunching corporate numbers and solving clients’ problems, we love sharing homecooked dish and nut drink with the beloved ones.

definutly fresh healthy vegan food drink values finland

From Where We Start...

Over the time, seeing how the nut drinks were well-received in their small circle and how these drinks delight others (who share the same interest in health, fresh plant-based products with active busy lifestyles), Tuyen and Tung thought about sharing these the vegan choices to many more.

definutly fresh healthy vegan food drink finland returnable bottles

... To Where We're Going

We believe Definutly is the optimal answer to many ongoing and future issues. We want to provide everyone the opportunity to continuously have a healthy diet while reducing environmental burden at the most convenient way.

Here at Definutly, we don’t compromise the product quality for profit. When it comes to daily consumption, convenience doesn’t necessarily come with add-on chemicals and environmental wastes. We hope to communicate with our customers and maintain the loyalty via product and service quality only.