1. How does subscription work?
    Simple select the subscription option from the product before choosing the quantity and delivery frequency preference. By subscribing to our products, you can save both time and money.
    You will be charged on each delivery. In order to manage your subscription, you can either log in our page or follow the link from order email. After navigating to the page, you can choose to pause, skip, change or cancel the subscription at anytime.

  2. How am I charged for subscription order?
    Subscription payment is charged automatically based on your subscription frequency.

  3. How can I skip a delivery or cancel my subscription?
    By logging in our portal, you can manage your orders any time!

  4. What if I'm not home for the delivery?
    If you order home delivery, it's recommended to leave a cooling bag for our door step delivery to keep the best taste & quality.

  5. How can I manage my subscription?
    By logging our portal, your subscription can be updated, paused or cancelled at any time.

  6. What preservative is used in Definutly products?
    We use 100% real and natural ingredients that can be found in any home kitchen. No preservatives, addictives, thickeners, fillers or artificial sweeteners are added.

  7. How should I recycle the bottles after use?
    We try our best to protect the environment by reusing the glass bottles. So it would be great help (to us and the environment!) if you could leave the empty bottles outside at the next delivery time, so we could collect them.
    We follow strict hygiene requirements to pasteurize and reuse the collected bottles for the next time!

  8. Do I have to register to order?
    For subscription order, you need to have an account to complete the order.
    For one-time order, you can check out as a member or as a guest. But we do recommend registering for better experience.

  9. Why glass bottle?
    We have made it our mission to reduce waste. Even though other packaging type such as cartons are less destructive to our environment, it still takes 5 years for each to breakdown in landfills.
    On the other hand, glass bottle allows us to reuse, recycle and create significantly reduce container waste.
    Moreover, glass bottle provides the best condition for optimal taste, freshness, and quality of the drink. Example, this is also why wine is never stored in other material but glass bottle. 

  10. How long will my plant-based drink last?
    The shelf life of our drink should last 4-6 days from at 6°c temperature. The drinks are made within the day of delivery and we have not pasterized or added any prepservatives, leading to shorter life but better nutrition quality.
    To maximize the shelf life, make sure the drink or food is always refrigerated (under 6°c) and the lid is properly sealed.

  11. What is good about Definutly compared to store-bought plant-based drink?
    Transparency is the back bone of our business. We are not friends with any preservatives, addictives, fillers, thickeners, artificial sweeteners or anything that can't be found in your home kitchen.
    Our drinks are made within hours before the delivery, making us the freshest plant-based milk in Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa (where we currently deliver).
    We commit to environmental sustainability by always staying dairy-free, always sourcing ingredients in Europe and always reusing (rather than recycling) the glass bottles.